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Miscellaneous Stuff

Welcome to my miscellaneous page where most anything goes that I just want to get out there.

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183 Sewing Machine

I own a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183 sewing machine and I love it. Unfortunately, I really need the User's Guide, and it is very easy to misplace. I tried to download a PDF version of the User's Guide, but it is not available that I could fine. As such, I took the time to mostly duplicate their user's guide. As usual, use this at your own risk. I did add some extra content. Emerald_183_Documentation.pdf (last updated October 20, 2009 02:29:14 AM UTC).

If you find this useful, drop me an email. The PDF version, as available here, uses graphics at 150DPI. My original OpenOffice.org document has a much higher resolution. On special request, I can make the original document, or a higher resolution PDF version, available. Realize, however, that the low resolution version is under 10MB, and my original is over 30MB.

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