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Gospel Illusion

Time permitting, I dabble in Gospel Illusion. I rarely have free time so I won't bother with long flowerly explanations. Instead, I will simply upload a copy of the document that demonstrates how to create and/or perform some of the illusions that I teach some children at church to perform.

The document focuses more on the mechanics of the illusion, which is (sadly) the smallest part of the performance. If you have great ideas on what to add to the document or improvements to the presentation aspect of a trick, please let me know.


Placeholders to be filled in later.

Document Updated Description
Gospel_Illusion_tricks_ADP.odt November 7, 2015 07:11:03 AM UTC My source document with my primary items created using LibreOffce / Apache OpenOffice.
Gospel_Illusion_tricks_ADP.pdf November 7, 2015 07:11:10 AM UTC And here is the PDF version.

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Kid Minister

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