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Database access using OpenOffice.org

It is my experience that database access is not well understood as it relates to OpenOffice.org (OOo). A book has been released named Database Programming with OpenOffice.org Base & Basic. I have only seen one chapter of the book, but there was certainly some very good information in the book, and it is worth a good read.

I consolidated my documents

I merged my Binary fields document (November 14, 2005 06:03:16 AM UTC) with my Associated Data Text Document (November 23, 2005 04:39:08 AM UTC) into my AndrewBase document (August 13, 2013 04:32:20 AM UTC).

My Main Downloads

Document Updated Description
Random DB Ramblins August 13, 2013 04:32:20 AM UTC This is my primary database document. Learn how to access Base document using macros. A lot of material using the GUI is also present.
PDF Ramblins August 13, 2013 04:32:20 AM UTC This is my primary database document. in PDF form.
First Sample Database September 11, 2005 03:36:32 AM UTC This is the first sample database, which demonstrates a Combo-Box. I think that it is broken, I can not remember.
Calc As A Simple Database September 3, 2006 05:42:40 PM UTC Tutorial and HowTo document for using Calc functionality that is similar to a database document. Most examples demonstrate how to solve the problem using the GUI and using a macro.
Associated Data Database November 23, 2005 04:38:59 AM UTC Related Base document that demonstrates everything in the text document.
Stuff_We_Own_Sample.odb October 9, 2008 04:43:48 AM UTC Sample inventory that demonstrates how to store and retrieve image files. The complete database is explained in AndrewBase.

Useful Macro Links

There is a wealth of information available on-line that help decrypt the initially difficult paradigm. Here are some links and references:

Document Description
HSQLDB HSQLDB is the database embedded into OOo.

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