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Description 2002-10-09 get 6K Turn two token files into a probability file 2002-10-09 get 2K create_log_dat.html
DESCRIPT.ION 2002-10-09 get 1K 4NT Description file
down.gif 2002-09-10 get 2K
logger.dat 2002-10-09 get 2K
pmmail_build_tokens.bat 2002-10-09 get 1K
pmmail_spam.bat 2002-10-09 get 1K 2002-10-09 get 360K 2002-10-22 get 391K Compressed copy of entire directory 2002-10-22 get 11K Determine probability that a file is SPAM
tokenize_file.log 2002-10-22 get 30K tokenize_file.html 2002-10-09 get 8K Turn files into a token list

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